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Eye Wear Lens Options

We feature over 800 frames including designer frames, children’s frames, sunglasses, and “rec spec” sports frames.


Our RX lens offerings run the gamut from Progressive Lenses (Varilux) to ultra thin and impact resistant (polycarbonate) lenses. Additionally, for your sunglass lens needs we provide:


1) Transition Lenses which change from light to dark automatically when exposed to UV light and also screen out 100% of harmful UV rays


2) Polarized Lenses which block out glare caused by excessive light reflection, i.e. from snow or water.


Some patients have a need for specialty lenses which may be prescribed for computer use, sports, hobbies or other unique visual demands.


Lastly, we offer anti-glare protection on your lenses which in eliminating glare allows for sharper and more comfortable vision and also improves the appearance of your eye wear.


Contact Lens Options


We fit all existing types of contact lenses which are now made with materials that allow for greater comfort and oxygen transmissibility than ever before!


Some of these are:

1) Silicone Hydrogels are great for those who have dry eye. They transmit approximately 8 times more oxygen to the eye compared to conventional hydrogel lenses. They come in daily or extended wear and also astigmatic form.


2) Astigmatic Contacts  The astigmatic soft contacts lenses that are now available can accommodate low amounts of astigmatism as well as high amounts of astigmatism (custom-made) and provide clear and comfortable vision.


3) Multifocal contact lenses are now available for those who do not want to wear glasses later in life and provide good near and distance vision.


4) Daily Disposable contact lenses are excellent choices for people with allergies or dry eye and who want a fresh/clear lense every day with no solution usage. They work well for people who are on the go or travel a lot.


For those children actively engaged in sports (even at age 9 or 10) we can fit them with disposable lenses which can enhance their sports ability and self esteem.

Most parents enjoy the supply of multiple pairs of disposables that way it takes the worry out of losing lenses.



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